Iowa’s more than 1,400 Iowa One Call member operators play an integral role in protecting the essential underground facilities infrastructure critical to the well-being of all Iowans. Paramount to the success of our state’s one call damage prevention system is the commitment by all stakeholders to respect the system and adhere to the rules, regulations, industry standards and recommended best practices that have been established in the name of damage prevention and safety awareness.

Iowa One Call is committed to safeguarding Iowa’s essential underground facilities infrastructure by implementing an efficient and highly effective damage prevention system.  As an Iowa One Call member facility operator, your input is a valuable resource and your organization’s contributions to the overall damage prevention mission are critical to the success of Iowa One Call.  Please let us hear from you regarding any opinions, recommendations or concerns that you and your organization may have regarding the Iowa One Call Notification System and the stakeholder groups and individuals who utilize and rely on the system.

Iowa One Call appreciates your support in promoting strong public awareness via safety awareness and damage prevention programming.  Please contact Ben Booth, Manager Public Relations/Communications at benbooth@netins.net to learn more about educational and promotional partnership opportunities.