Design Request System (DRS)

The NEW Design Request System is available NOW. Please take a few minutes to read the manual as there are several changes. 


For instance, each Design Information Request (DIR) request will NOW be emailed directly to the affected utilities on your DIR; Each DIR will now follow the mapping procedures used in the call center, no more than 1 mile in the county, no more than 1500' on one street with 10 addresses in urban areas.


To register for Iowa One Call's Design Request system go to, click REGISTER NOW (at the bottom of the page) and choose the Design Request System check-box when prompted.



Click here to download the manual




Damage prevention begins at the planning stage of any project. Professional designers and surveyors play a vital role in planning for, and preventing damage to the essential underground facilities infrastructure. The Design Request System (DRS) is an important tool developed for the design and surveying communities, providing them access to critical information about the infrastructure and to the one call locate process.


The DRS is a two-phase system that must be utilized accordingly and is intended for use only by licensed design professionals. The first phase is the Design Information Request, which provides designers with direct access to key contacts within the state's underground facility operator organizations (for the exchange of critical information). The second phase is the Design Locate Request, which provides designers access to the Iowa One Call system (for coordinating underground facility locates).



The Design Information Request was developed to provide professional designers access to maps, drawings and blue prints showing the location of underground facilities in a site of interest to the designer. This service is available to Professional Designers who have submitted an application and had that application approved. When those qualifications are met, the designer will be issued a username and password providing access to a "subscribers only" website. There they will use an interactive mapping system to identify the site of their project. The computerized program will provide the designer with the names and contact information for all underground facilities within the proposed project area. It will be the designer's responsibility to seek whatever information they need for their work from the facility owner/operators. The facility owner/operators and the designers will negotiate any fees involved. No tickets will be issued and no locates will be done under a Design Information Request. A Design Information Request will remain active for a maximum of two (2) years.



Qualified designers who have completed a Design Information Request can create a Design Locate Request after a minimum wait of five (5) business days. The designer enters the subscribers-only website and converts the Design Information Request to a Design Locate Request. The computer will map the area indicated as the project site and identify the underground facilities located in the site. The designer can reduce the size of the project site or stay with the original size. The designer can pick and choose the facilities to be located and by submitting this request, a Design Locate ticket (note that this is NOT a dig ticket) will be generated (at no cost to the facility owner/operator) directing them to locate and mark their facilities in the project site within five (5) business days. 



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